Breastfeeding Toolkit A

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A breastfeeding toolkit which will allow you feed more easily and comfortably, and also troubleshoot issues. This kit assumes you have a microwave and no electric breast pump.
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If I had my time again, I would have this whole kit on hand before bub arrived. This kit assumes you have a microwave and no electric breast pump.

If you don't have a microwave, check out our Breastfeeding Toolkit B, and if you have an electric breast pump, check out our Breastfeeding Toolkit C.

 If you find you need one in the first three months, you'll most likely need to look at the hospital grade pumps such as the Spectra S1+ or Spectra Dual SIf you end up not needing an electric pump until after three to four months, then you may consider one of the more portable options such as the Elvie Electric Breast PumpMedela Freestyle Flex, or Spectra Dual Compact. We have free same-day shipping on all of these, so when you need it, you can get it right away.

Breastfeeding Toolkit A includes:

1. Medela Purelan 100 lanolin ($21.90) to apply after every feed to help you avoid and treat dry or sore nipples.

2. Medela Hydrogel pads ($32.90) for emergency treatment of very sore nipples. You can wash and reuse a single pad for 24 hours and if you pop it in the fridge beforehand it will be more soothing. Also, arrange a visit from a lactation consultant as crazy-sore nipples are usually a sign of latch problems when bub is breastfeeding (check out the list of lactation consultants in our breastfeeding guide for recs!).

3. Medela washable bra pads ($26.90 for a 4-pack) to stop milk leaking through your shirt when you're not using your silicone milk collectors.

4. Haakaa milk collectors ($49.90 per pair) to catch (rather than waste) milk that leaks from your other boob when you're feeding bub. This lets you collect 5-50mL of breastmilk at each feed which quickly adds up to a whole 'emergency' bottle, without you actually having to actively pump (OMG take my money).

5. Haakaa 100mL pump ($29.90) is a gentle silicone suction vessel which is great for resolving blocked ducts (half-fill with warm salty water, squeeze until the water is near the top, then place it over your affected nipple). It's also great for 'letting off some steam' if your breasts are uncomfortably full or your let-down is a bit strong for your baby. This isn't typically a pump that can fully drain your boobs.

6. Haakaa oral feeding syringe ($12.50) to handfeed a newborn. For very little babies, the alternative is to 'finger feed' - which you need three hands for and it's messy and stressful.

7. Spectra hand pump ($52.90) to drain the odd boob here and there (it's usually not worth getting an electric pump up front) and this one is easier to use at 3am and even easier to throw in your handbag in case your hairdresser runs over time. Includes: Pumping handle, nipple shield (the bit that goes over your boob) and an adapter to pump into your Dr Brown's glass bottle.

8. Dr Brown's milk storage bags ($19.90) to freeze whatever milk you have collected, whether it's with your Haakaa milk collectors, Haakaa pump or Spectra hand pump, toss the milk in here, date it, and throw it in the freezer. You'll have a full 'spare' bottle for emergencies in no time. Comes in a pack of 25 pre-sterilised, double zip-lock, self standing, freezer-safe, drop-proof milk storage bags.

9. Dr Brown's microwave sterilizer bags ($16.90) to possibly avoid a larger sterilizer. Around 4-6 months, paediatricians recommend you stop sterilizing baby bottles to allow bub's immune system and gut microbiome to develop more naturally. These bags fit a bottle, your Haakaa stuff and hand pump, and will give you 100 microwave sterilizings between them. This means, if you don't start using bottles or an electric breast pump daily, until after 4-6 months, you don't have to buy a larger sterilizer.

10. Dr Brown's 4oz glass bottle and silicone bottle sleeve ($32.80) as a back up. I'm a big fan of glass baby bottles (think: heating milk), and the silicone sleeve means the glass won't shatter when (not if) you drop it. These ones have a cool inner air vent so you don't aerate the milk as you feed the baby, helping with gassy, refluxy, colicky babies. Even if you don't use it until later, having one bottle on hand (as a Plan B) can do wonders for your mental health.

11. Dr Brown's Bottle Brush ($10.90) which is a really easy way to stop your bottles, pump parts and Haakaa pieces smelling like last night's dinner, lol.

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