Car seat cleaning

Safe and hygienic car seat cleaning that doesn't mess with your car seat's inherent safety features or your warranty.
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We offer a safety-first approach to cleaning and maintaining your car seat. Car seats are highly engineered, life-saving devices and it's critically important they are maintained according to the manufacturer's guidelines. To keep your child as safe as possible, we only use cleaning agents and techniques that are expressly approved by your car seat's manufacturer. We do not offer stain removal, steam cleaning, heat drying or UV sterilisation as these require techniques, chemicals or processes that are typically not approved by the manufacturer, may prematurely degrade your car seat, endanger your child, and may void the product manufacturer's warranty.

For this reason, if your car seat is heavily stained, our cleaning processes may not remove the stain itself, however the car seat will be clean, hygienic, fully functional and most importantly - safe.

Second only to using incorrect cleaning agents and techniques, the biggest risk when cleaning a car seat is that the seat is reassembled incorrectly. All car seats cleaned by PramFox are thoroughly inspected and reassembled by US-certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians, so you can be confident in the knowledge the seat is safely configured and without missing parts.

Please choose the ‘Extra dirty’ option if your seat has mould, vomit, urine or poop on it.

Cleaning is conducted on the Wednesday before the first and third Thursday of each month (I know that's really confusing, sorry!). Please drop off your car seat to our Alexandra workshop (10 Jalan Kilang Timor, #03-04A LTH Building 159306), not our boutique, by 5pm Tuesday. You can collect it from 10am Friday. You're welcome to drop it off using Grab Express, Lalamove or Gogovan. We can also arrange a pick-up and delivery service for you, which takes 2-3 days each way: $20 return if you're able to securely pack it in a box, or $40 return if it's not in a box.

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