Cuchen UV Steriliser & Dryer

Sterilise, dry, store and more with this gem! Fitted with medical grade UV LED. for your peace of mind. Comes with 3-year-warranty.
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The Cuchen UV Steriliser & Dryer is designed to assist mothers in keeping essential items clean for the baby. The simple one touch operation makes the sterilizer easy and convenient for parents to use.

  • Comes with SG Safety Mark Plug
  • First UV sterilizer to come with Medical Grade UV LED
  • One touch easy operation
  • Super mirror stainless steel on all sides for 360 degree sterilization
  • Hive-like STS walls achieve zero blind spot through diffuse reflection
  • Special rack for intensive sterilization for teats
  • Enhanced durability with increased thickness of the walls
  • Guaranteed storage space and efficient sliding racks
  • Comes with door rack for sterilizing accessories like cutlery

Product dimensions: 317 x 360 x 443mm
Product weight: 6.9Kg

3-year warranty

This product has a limited returns policy for both change-of-mind and warranty coverage. We encourage you to contact us to ensure that this product is suitable for your family prior to purchase. For more information on our returns policy, visit our Returns Policy page. 

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