Nachfolger HY5 pump

The Nachfolger HY5 inflatable car seat is always ready for use with the mobile pump. Inflates the Nachfolger HY5 three times when fully charged.
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The Nachfolger HY5 car seat is always ready for use with the mobile pump. With a sleek silver body, this rechargeable pump can inflate the Nachfolger HY5 three times when fully charged. 

  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Operates easily
  • Can be used 3 times with a fully charged battery
  • Portable (even in hand luggage)
  • Charges within 2 hours
  • Product weight: 0.5kg
  • Dimension: 20cm x 4.5cm x 5.5cm
  • Package dimensions: 23.5cm x 8cm x 7.5cm
  • Input voltage: 15 V DC
  • Battery type: LiFe (Lithium Iron Phosphat)
  • Energy content: 6.6 Wh
  • Battery capacity: 500 mAh
  • Maximum current: 5 A
  • The pump can fill up the Nachfolger HY5 car seat in 2 minutes
  • Maximum pressure: 0.9 bar
  • Operation temperature: –20°C bis +60°C

To activate the pump:

  1. Make sure the seat is activated - the light on the seat should flash red.
  2. Connect the pump to the seat's standard air valve connector.
  3. Press the button on the pump three times quickly to turn it on.
  4. Press the button again to let the pump inflate the seat.
  5. The pump will stop automatically when car seat reaches the right level of air pressure.
  6. Check that the LED light on the seat now shows blue.
  7. Remove the pump.

Your Nachfolger HY5 car seat is now ready to be used! Watch the video below for a better visual: 

The button will flash a blue light when it is running low on power.

To charge the pump, connect it with the USB cable and plug it into a power outlet. The small light on the USB cable will glow red when it is charging. If you notice the light go out, that means the pump is fully charged and can be unplugged for use.

Can I take the pump with me on the plane?

The pump for the Nachfolger has a capacity of 6.6 Wh. We have developed it in such a way that you can take it with you in your hand luggage.

How long does the fully charged pump last?

The Nachfolger HY5 can be inflated three times with a fully charged pump. After this, it will need to be recharged.

Nachfolger's products are covered by a one-year warranty.

Keeping children safe is our utmost priority. As such, we have a strict no-return policy for child safety products as it is not possible to ascertain the complete history (how it was used/if any parts of the product might be compromised) of the product before considering resale.

We encourage you to read the FAQs above or contact us to ensure that this product is suitable for your family prior to purchase. 

For more information on our returns policy, visit our Returns Policy page.

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