Nipple Shield for Spectra Breast Pumps (Flange), 1-pack

17 different sizes of Nipple Shields designed for Spectra Breast Pumps. Ranges from 10mm to 36mm.
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Specifically designed to offer an incredible range of nipple shield sizes and perfectly fit your Spectra pump and existing parts.

* 13mm, 34mm and 36mm shields are manufactured as two separate pieces (the other sizes are one single piece). This accounts for the difference in price. The 'half shield' (the bit that goes over your breast) needs to be attached (very easily) into the Widemouth Shield Connector (included) (the bit that screws onto your bottle and attaches to the pump).

** 10mm, 12mm and 22mm shields are the same as 13/34/36, plus also they are slightly rounded (bowl shaped).