Book an appointment

Our booking tool will pop up at the bottom of this page, to allow you to book an appointment with us. If it's not loading, you can view it in Calendly directly.

If you're expecting your first baby

We have an appointment type tailored specifically for you. Our Baby Gear Consultations are private 1-on-1 appointments with Elise and they include an online component followed by an in-person session at the boutique. She'll get an understanding of your unique needs and lifestyle considerations and give tailored, considered advice that will cut through hours of research and YouTube reviews. She'll help you work out which products will work best for you and which ones you should should get before (or after) bub arrives.

Are appointments/consultations free?

We're not like a usual store which is open for set hours regardless of how many customers walk in. We only open for our booked appointments, and if we're not at the boutique with you, we're at home with our kids. 

The cost of our expert, bespoke consultations is already absorbed into the listed price of our products (ie. it's free for our customers). However, if you are already planning not to purchase from us (eg. you want to buy overseas or second-hand) the consultations are chargeable. There is no obligation to purchase on-the-spot during your consultation.

If you need to see only one product or one category

We have 30-minute appointment slots available. Tuesdays & Sundays are handled by Deb - Mum of 2, certified baby wearing specialist and car seat technician. Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are handled by Elise, founder of PramFox. 

If you want to book our services

Click through the following links to book any of our paid services:

  1. Car seat installation ($75 for one seat, $120 for two, $150 for three)
  2. Drive-thru car seat check (free for our seats or $25 BYO)
  3. 30-min consultation with Elise ($55 online, $90 in-person)
  4. 60-min first-time parent consultation with Elise ($160)
  5. Babywearing fitting with Deb (for carriers you already own) $70
  6. Newborn in-home or in-hospital fitting with Deb (for car seats & baby carriers, $90)

Cancellation policy

If you reschedule less than 24 hours before your appointment, you won't be able to reschedule to a peak period (weekend or public holiday).