About us

Hi I'm Elise, and welcome to PramFox.


For me, buying baby gear in Singapore and strollers has always been the most research-intensive, exhausting and frustrating part of nesting. I remember scrolling through review after review, until all hours of the morning, in a seemingly-constant state of confusion and anxiety. Buying it seemed even worse! Trying to get someone's attention at the shop, then have them confidently answer our millions of questions was apparently asking a bit much. Then of course, we had to get it home... (here's Alex carrying it through Orchard MRT*).

pramfox-taking-boxed-stroller-on-mrt-public-transport     pramfox-alex-taking-boxed-stroller-throught-mrt

In the end, despite the fact that my friends back in Aus loved this pram and it had amazing customer and blogger reviews from the US, this stroller just didn't suit our lifestyle in Singapore and we ended up replacing it pretty quickly**.

This is exactly what I hope we can relieve for you. To make buying baby gear a genuinely enjoyable experience (that even Dads will appreciate) - like upgrading a long haul flight from economy to business class (except it costs the same). We have the most comprehensive stroller review database (with locally relevant information) and we offer a level of personalised, friendly and expert service you can't find elsewhere.


Alex and Elise - pre-kids!

My husband, Alex, and I moved from Australia to Singapore back in 2014 - both working as engineers for a global mining company. In 2015 our first son, Peter, was born and it was tough (you can read more about those early months and how they led to the creation of The Little Black Bump Book).

A few weeks after Peter was born, I started Taxi Baby Co. (mostly as a resource to share what I was learning about how to take car seats in taxis in South East Asia) and completed my qualifications as an Australian-certified Child Restraint Fitter and a US-certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor.

Over the next four years, Taxi Baby Co. kept growing and Peter's little brothers - Jack then Robbie - made their grand entrances and now there is no such thing as a quiet Sunday afternoon (not that I'm complaining).


In 2020 we launched PramFox with the goal is to make buying baby gear as pleasant and efficient as humanly possible (emphasis on the 'human' part!). We're all parents here and we know, acutely, just how challenging (and wonderful) it can be.

Now that you've learned a bit about me, I'd love to hear your story



*Why didn't we catch a cab? Well this was in the days before Uber and Grab - and quite simply there weren't any taxis at 8pm on a Friday night in Orchard.

**We ended up owning eight prams in the first four years of parenthood (not all at the same time!). We now have two prams that perfectly suit our lifestyle and if we'd gotten them right at the start, we'd have (a) had a much easier time of things, and (b) never needed to buy six other prams.