Sofzsleep Baby Cot Mattress, multiple sizes

Natural latex mattress that is free from formaldehydes, pesticides, PDBEs & other toxic chemicals. Suitable from birth with the right support.
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Sofzsleep's pure natural latex baby COT mattress is designed to help your child sleep comfortably and cool during the night. Their baby mattress is certified to be toxic-free from formaldehydes, pesticides, PDBEs (Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers – chemical flame retardants) and other toxic chemicals.

A testament to stringent cleanliness and hygiene standards, Sofzsleep's baby COT mattresses comply with the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, ensuring that there is no off-gassing of noxious fumes. Sofzsleep pure natural latex baby mattresses have millions of microscopic open cells that makes them ventilating and cooling to sleep on.

*The density of Sofzsleep's cot mattress is 85 kg/m3 which is considered firm and offers the right support while not compromising the comfort for a baby. Their latex mattresses are manufactured in Belgium and they don’t add fillers (calcium carbonate) in their latex which makes the latex very hard and the latex becomes “chalky” in a very short period of time. Their cot mattress cover is made of Bamboo and polyester (for washability). Bamboo possesses a uniquely natural property that prevents and resists infestation by fungi and harmful bacteria. It always feels cool with its highly ventilating properties.

  • Oeko-Tex®and Eurolatex certified natural latex, toxic-free with no formaldehyde.
  • No off-gassing of noxious fumes.
  • Natural bamboo cover with anti-bacterial and antifungal properties with superb breathability makes it ideal for babies with sensitive skin or allergies.
  • Sofzsleep's natural bamboo fabric is 4 times more permeable than cotton fabric.
  • Swiss antimicrobial Sanitized® cover prevents the development of molds, dust mites and fungi that could result in spots and odors.
  • Superb breathability which promotes optimal airflow, helps to regulate your baby’s body temperature and reduces growth of bacteria.
  • An optimal thickness of 10cm which ensures that your baby receives proper body support and will not hit the cot bed frame beneath.
  • Firm latex core gives responsive support to your baby’s spinal curvature.
  • Easy removable cover that can be dry cleaned.
  • Sofzsleep's baby mattresses are made with 100% pure latex, without any polyurethane foam, coconut sheets or metal springs.
  • Sometimes Sofzsleep's baby mattresses may have a noticeable smell when you open the packaging. The smell isn’t harmful or toxic and will disappear over time.
  • Airing and vacuuming the baby mattress can help to eliminate the smell at a faster rate.
  • Sofzsleep's baby mattresses are suitable for platform or slated base bedframes.
  • For slated base bedframes, it is recommended to have a gap between the slats of less than 3” (7.62cm) apart.
  • Keep your baby mattress away from direct sunlight.
  • Firmness: Firm
  • Thickness: 10cm (4″)
  • Care instructions:
    • Do not tumble dry
    • Do not soak
    • Do not bleach
    • Do not iron
    • Dry Clean
    • Machine wash below 30℃ on a delicate setting; shrinkage may occur

All Sofzsleep products are certified to be non-toxic and free from formaldehyde, Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PDBEs), chemical flame retardants, organic tin compound and other toxic chemicals.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. The certification aims to guarantee that the certified products are free of harmful substances such as heavy metals, toxic dyes, crop protection substances, and carcinogenic substances like formaldehyde and therefore safe for human health and the environment too.

Sofzsleep's products conform to the EuroLatex Eco Standard, which defines the maximum acceptable limits of substances considered harmful to health. The certification attests that their products are safe and pose no risk to the sleeper.

LGA Certification is administered by TÜV Rheinland AG, a global provider of technical, safety, and certification services with headquarters in Cologne, Germany.  The certification is awarded to mattresses that meet the durability criteria. It encompasses passing a durability test (most certified mattresses last seven to ten years), no strong odor, limited volatile organic compound (VOC) and formaldehyde emissions, strict limits on substances that are toxic carcinogenic, or that may impair fertility, such as flame retardants, heavy metals, azo dyes, pesticides, etc.

Sofzsleep products have been shown to have an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal action, based on the tests performed by the Centexbel, the scientific and technical research centre of the Belgian textile industry – Report 8375/8276.

Sofzsleep pillow and Bamboo cover were tested by Intertek, a global renowned laboratory. They were certified to be free from formaldehyde, organic tin, azo dyes, Nonylphenol (NP) and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEO) – CNS15290 . The materials have also been found to comply with CNS15503, the general fire safety requirements for children’s products.

    3-year limited warranty against latex sagging.

    How to make your baby mattress last longer?

    Wash your baby’s bed linens regularly

    When you sleep; hair, body oil, sweat and skin cells seep into mattress – this makes it a breeding ground for odour-causing bacteria and dust mites. Hence it is best to wash your baby’s cot mattress once a week on high heat to keep the sleeping surface clean and free from any irritants.

    Do make sure that the sheets are completely dry before replacing them on your mattress to prevent any mould or bacterial growth.

    Use a baby mattress protector

    Protectors for baby mattresses are excellent at keeping dirt and dust away; and serve as a protective barrier against spills and stains. By keeping your child’s mattress clean and hygienic, it ensures for a longer-lasting, high-quality mattress.

    Make sure your baby’s mattress is properly supported

    A good bed frame will help support the mattress well and prevent unnecessary stress and strains.

    Replace your baby’s mattress cover regularly

    Yes, this is possible for Sofzsleep mattresses. A new mattress cover will give a new life to your lovely mattress.

    This product has a limited returns policy for both change-of-mind and warranty coverage. We encourage you to contact us to ensure that this product is suitable for your family prior to purchase. For more information on our returns policy, visit our Returns Policy page.

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