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UPPAbaby Ridge: Independent Customer Product Reviews

UPPAbaby Ridge: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Your time is no longer your own after bub arrives; your life now revolves entirely around the baby, and your needs (more often than not) have to take the back seat. If you’re an active parent, you’ll soon realise that it’s even harder to keep up with your active lifestyle because of childcare duties. Thankfully, with the glut of jogging strollers on the market, you can still keep active like you used to! You can now strap your little one in one of these strollers and get your mileage in; it’s childcare on the move.  

If you’re looking for a jogging stroller that performs on off-beaten paths and yet is nimble enough to navigate the city streets, the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller is the rig you’ve longed for. But don’t just hear it from us. Check out what other parents have to say about UPPAbaby’s latest addition:

The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller offers newborn solutions 

UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller with Bassinet / Car Seat

Suitable from birth with additional accessories, the Ridge stroller has got your family covered until your child is old enough to ride a bike (max weight: 25kg). 

The Ridge is newborn-ready with an additional UPPAbaby Bassinet V2 (bassinet adapters required) or capsule car seat (car seat adapters required). Infant car seats from leading brands like Nuna, and Maxi-Cosi are compatible with the stroller. You may click the bassinet or car seat onto the stroller with or without the seat fabrics.

The stroller can only be used for slow walks or everyday use if you’re using it from birth. It must not be used for running until your baby has full head and neck control (i.e., able to hold head up unassisted). Seek advice from a paediatrician on whether your baby is old enough to run with.

Check out what the multiple configurations look like in Eli’s video:


The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller marries performance & everyday utility  

UPPAbaby Ridge All-Terrain Stroller for jogging and everyday use

Looking for a jogging stroller can be a headache; if it’s too big, it’ll be hard to manoeuvre, and you’ll never use them for anything other than running (it’s an investment, after all, so you want to make sure you get the most out of it). On the flip side, if the stroller is too small, it’s difficult to control and can get tippy. Now, the UPPAbaby Ridge sits in a sweet spot. It's not too wide; it's still reasonably easy to get through doorways.

At 66cm wide, the Ridge is slightly narrower than the Thule Urban Glide 2 Stroller. However, it’s a little wider than your everyday compact stroller (like the Minu V2 or Cruz V2), so it’s something to consider if you primarily navigate tight footpaths, doorways, and sidewalks. Otherwise, the Ridge works well for several suburbs across Singapore, particularly Sentosa, Robertson Quay, Marina Bay, East Coast, River Valley, Novena, Newton, and Bukit Timah.


UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller large puncture-proof wheels

“While assembling the stroller we were immediately greeted with some of the features that make this product so suited for those with a more active, outdoor lifestyle. Firstly the large wheels; 30cm front (12"), and 40cm rear (16"), have a tread more similar to that of a BMX than a pushchair. EVA foam filled, they are puncture proof,” says Kelly from Pushchair Expert, “giving parents that extra (peace) of mind when navigating rougher surfaces.” You can leave the air pump at home and take off with ease.


A flat tire and a bumpy ride can be a real adrenaline killer. Thankfully, the Ridge has large puncture-proof wheels with deep treaded tires and suspension that help obliterate the bumps on the road. This helps to provide your little trooper a smooth and comfortable ride. “Featuring 2 stage coil suspension,” Kelly adds, “the Ridge gives a smooth ride to any size passenger.” 

Additionally, it has a lockable swivel front wheel, which locks in position with a simple push of a button. Underneath the front wheel lies the tracking knob, and with the front wheel locked in the forward position, it keeps your stroller straight and smooth.

While jogging strollers are all about performance, the Ridge stroller is “sturdy and durable, yet nimble and light to push” and “nimble enough for popping down the high street” thanks to its aluminium alloy chassis, as Kelly describes. It definitely excels as an everyday stroller too, tackling cracked pavements, potholes, grass (great for picnics!), and many other types of surfaces in this green city. In addition, you can easily unlock the swivel wheel for better agility and manoeuvrability when you need to turn around corners or navigate a crowd.


UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller swivel wheel lock and tracking knob


The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller provides top-notch safety & convenience 

The thoughtful design elements of the UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller allow you to explore with peace of mind and ease. It features an ergonomic disc handbrake that keeps you on pace and in control, especially when you’re going downhill. 

“We can’t get over the disc hand brake system,” says Rikki in her UPPAbaby Ridge review at PishPoshBaby, “it really has a quicker response and more stopping power than drum brake systems on most other jogging strollers! It’s excellent for when you’re taking the stroller downhill, or when you’re traveling over rough terrain.”

There’s also a foot brake system, which is easy to operate and flip-flop friendly (another reason why it’s great as an everyday stroller). A red parking brake pedal is located on the right, and a green pedal to release is on the left. Easy and intuitive.

UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller wrist strap and spacious basket

To keep your little trooper safe while you clock up the miles, the Ridge stroller is designed with a safety wrist strap to prevent the stroller from rolling away in case you slip or fall. The stroller also features reflective detailing on the chassis and basket for night-time visibility. 

Next, this three-wheeler features a one-hand fold like a compact stroller. Locate the bar underneath the calf rest fabric, and you will see a push mechanism. Grab the mechanism, push the button in, and twist to fold down the stroller. The stroller stands when folded, but there are rubber protectors on top of the handlebar to prevent it from touching the ground. Now you can have a date with your mini-me at the end of the run or walk at your favourite cafe; simply fold down the stroller and put it beside or under the table. 

Running with your little one seems a little challenging, but it’s manageable when kitted out with the right tools. The UPPAbaby Ridge features a generous cargo basket with a zippered cover plus a flap for easy access and three interior pockets to store your child’s essentials. With a 9kg capacity, the basket is spacious enough for a quick grocery run at the end of your workout! Of course, your trooper gets their own storage space as well. There are two mesh pockets on either side of the seat for their stuffed animals, snacks, or even a mini portable speaker to jam to Disney hits or white noise for naps on the move. 

The UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller keeps both parent & child comfortable

The UPPAbaby Ridge has all the features you need to go the distance with your trooper in comfort. It has a handlebar with pivot adjustment that allows you to click into four positions (min height: 103cm, max: 119cm). This allows shorter parents to jog or drive as comfortably as their taller partners; a must-have feature if both mum and dad intend to use the stroller. 

UPPAbaby Ridge Stroller adjustable handlebar and deep padded seat with drawstring recline

In addition, UPPAbaby has kept the cockpit comfy with a deep padded seat with lumbar support and a five-point no-rethread harness to keep your child safe and snug when the going gets a tad bumpy. The Ridge also features a fabric sling seat that offers infinite recline for optimal comfort as your child grows. Go from sightseeing to dreamland in an instant with the drawstring recline. 

Living in the tropics (hello sunshine, rain, and humidity) calls for the need for a generous canopy. The UPPAbaby Ridge has a UPF50+ zippered canopy that extends for ample sun and wind protection. It unzips to reveal two mesh peekaboo windows—one in front of the canopy covered with a fabric flap—for ventilation on a warm afternoon. "When the canopy is fully extended (it) covers the child really well, from knees to head. This means no sun rays in baby's eyes and no distractors during nap time. What's really cool about Ridge canopy is that it has built-in top pocket with a zipper. It's a convenient and secured place where you can store your phone or some change and keep it always at hand," Barnett writes in her UPPAbaby Ridge review at Little Baby Gear.

If you're afraid that your child gets all sweaty during their naps, the back of the seat has a mesh window (once fully reclined) too for better air circulation. These mesh windows also allow you to peek in on your passenger while on the go. Check out other reviews of the Ridge stroller here:


The UPPAbaby Ridge is an all-terrain stroller with unmatched performance and comfort designed for jogging and city living. Stay active with this three-wheeler stroller. Now put on your best gear, get your little trooper ready, and hit start on your Apple Watch. It's go time!


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