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Bugaboo Fox3 vs Bugaboo Fox2 Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Fox3 vs Bugaboo Fox2 Stroller Comparison

Bugaboo Fox3 in Sunrise Red canopy, with Black Chassis and Bugaboo Organiser

Bugaboo strollers have long been favorites among families. It doesn’t come as a surprise; their constant innovation and product development take their strollers up a notch, just like their newly launched Bugaboo Fox3. The new generation of Fox now comes with an array of new features, and if you’re wondering what has changed, we’ve got you covered! 

What are the classic top features in its predecessors that remained in the Fox3?

Before we look at what’s new and different about the Fox3, let’s look at the great original features which have made the Fox series a worldwide hit. Known for its large tires and superb suspension, the Bugaboo Fox3 is an all-terrain stroller designed to keep your child safe and comfortable from birth to toddler.

Bugaboo Fox3 in Sunrise Canopy with Black Chassis on Rough Terrain

The Fox3 steering is an absolute dream

It provides the best ride ever on all terrains, and the most comfortable and smooth ride is created by its advanced central joint suspension and puncture-proof wheels! The iconic suspension works in tandem with the chassis and the four-wheel suspension to obliterate any bumps or shakiness from going up kerbs or on cobblestones or whenever there’s a change in surfaces on the pavement. Sometimes walking on Singapore’s pavements can feel like you’re walking on the craters on the moon!

The Fox3 steers like an absolute dream, thanks to its large puncture-proof wheels designed to minimize friction with the surface, and that means undisturbed naps for your baby plus effortless push for you! It also has an adjustable handlebar which makes cruising with the stroller more ergonomic and comfortable for multiple caregivers.

Suppose you’re an adventurous person and you love hiking or going to the beach. In that case, you can lock the swivel wheels at the front and pull the stroller behind you in the two-wheel position for smoother rides. Even if you’re not an adventure-seeker, the two-wheel mode helps tackle rugged terrains (like snow if you’re from a cold climate) or stairs easily. Lifting it up and down overhead bridges or your walk-up apartment in Singapore will be a breeze!

Bugaboo Fox3 in Misty White Canopy with Black Chassis, Fingertips Push and Brake Pedal

The Fox3 is perfectly sized for everyday life

Like its predecessors, the Bugaboo Fox3 is durable and robust despite its lightweight composition of only 9.9kg. Moreover, it accommodates your baby up to 22kg from birth, so you’re covered for the coming four years.

With the Fox3–only 60cm wide—you can navigate tight spaces like supermarket aisles, turn around corners, and busy streets during the rush hour easily with only one hand (or just your fingertips)! In addition, the stroller seat is designed to be higher than most strollers, at 59cm, so you can easily use it as a high chair next to your table when you’re in a restaurant or cafe.

The Fox3 stroller folds easily into a single standing unit, or you can remove the seat/bassinet and flatten it when you bring it along on your vacation or when you need all the space in your hallway or car. It also features a spacious bassinet that gives your baby enough room to grow and move. It also has an extendable canopy with the signature peek-a-boo window for ventilation. In addition, the Fox3 bassinet is designed with front pockets to tuck away wipes and toys for easy access while strolling. 

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What’s new with the Bugaboo Fox3?

Bugaboo Fox3 in Midnight Black Canopy with Black Chassis, Breezy Panel for Ventilation

The Bugaboo Fox3 has all these wonderful features plus a few nifty additions for practicality, comfort, ease of use, and effortless movement. This amped-up version includes new features in the bassinet, mattress, shoulder pads, and a new colour palette.

The new Fox bassinet now comes with a breezy panel and aerated mattress to keep your baby cool when temperatures soar in the afternoon. It also keeps bub warm on windy morning walks during the monsoon season in Singapore.

If you’re from a colder climate and you plan to take the stroller home for the holidays, you’ll be glad to know that the Fox bassinet is tested rigorously with winds up to 50km/h! Plus, it's smartly designed with magnets that help seal the window, so your baby stays warm and cozy in the bassinet when out and about.

Bugaboo has also included a new harness with soft shoulder pads and straps that can be secured independently. Simply hop on, buckle up, and you’re ready for the day in just a few seconds!

Bugaboo Fox3 Toddler Seat in Stormy Blue Canopy with Graphite Chassis and new color palette

Lastly, Bugaboo has released a new colour palette featuring cool and muted colours and a new sleek graphite chassis for you to choose from. You can now pick colours inspired by your daily adventures! The Fox3 also comes with upgraded durable, water-repellent, and soft-to-touch fabric.

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The new Fox3 is the ultimate comfort stroller made for any terrain. The Fox3 keeps your child safe and cozy from birth to toddler with these new refined details and additions. It allows you to enjoy everything parenthood has to offer, happy strolling! 

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