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Bugaboo Ant: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Bugaboo Ant: Independent Customer Product Reviews

The Bugaboo Ant is a nippy urban buggy designed for city living and travelling. It may be tiny, but it sure does pack a punch in terms of its features! Robust yet lightweight, the Ant is taxi-friendly, bus-friendly and easy to maneuver—sounds like it’s tailored for navigating the narrow pavements and public transport in Singapore! Have a quick look-see through the most comprehensive independent customer product reviews below:

1. Compact design

Set off on your next adventure with no holds barred—just the way you’ve dreamed of—with the Bugaboo Ant! It folds down to a compact self standing package (only 23 x 38 x 55 cm!), fitting into overhead compartment of trains/airplanes or taxi/car trunk with ease. “No more waiting on the jet bridge for your stroller to come up,” says Manny from Babylist, “or at the baggage claim hoping it survived”. Its compact size also makes it convenient for everyday commute as well—simply fold and slot into small spaces on the train/bus.



2. Ultra-portable

The Ant features a pull-along trolley mode for parents to navigate the busy Singapore streets and train stations—while holding a toddler in your arm—easily and effortlessly: just fold it and haul it like a suitcase. “It’s super portable and easy to lug around!” says Megan, a mom of three. P.S. you can also pull it from home to vehicle/your child’s daycare instead of carrying it on your shoulder.



3. Modular seat design

Unlike other compact strollers, the Ant is fitted with a reversible seat to allow children to ride parent- or road-facing. Now, parents can enjoy the benefits of a compact stroller, without compromising on features that are commonly found only in full sized strollers. You get the best of both worlds!



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