Silverette Silver Nursing Cups

Nipple shields crafted from pure 925 silver to repair the nipple skin, and prevent soreness from breastfeeding/pumping. Available in regular & XL.
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Crafted out of pure 925 silver, the Silverette nursing cups are designed to help breastfeeding mums protect nipples while breastfeeding. Silver, with antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, helps prevent and repair the nipple skin at all stages of breastfeeding or pumping journey. It heals and prevents cuts, wounds, cracks, soreness, and infections.

Perfect for mums who are looking for an effective and natural way to prevent soreness from breastfeeding or pumping and an ideal gift for mums-to-be who plan to. Available in Regular and XL.

  • Regular size recommended for: breast cup size of either A, B or C with areola less than or equal to 4.5cm.
  • XL size recommended for: breast cup size above C with areola dimension of more than 4.5cm. 
  • Made from 925 silver
  • Easy to use
  • Prevent, protect and alleviate soreness, blisters and irritation from breastfeeding or pumping

To prevent or ease sore nursing nipples, leave a couple of drops of breast milk in each cup at the end or your breastfeeding session and place the cups directly over the nipple like a cupping glass. Keep SILVERETTE ® on as much as possible between breastfeeding sessions. Remove cups before breastfeeding. Do not use any other nipple treatments in conjunction with SILVERETTE ® . Doing so may compromise or reduce the efficacy of the product.

Here's a short how-to-use guide from the manufacturer:

What size is best for me?

SILVERETTE® nursing cups come in two sizes, regular size and XL. Regular size has been the star of the show having been sold globally since 2002. It’s only through feedback from mothers, the design has been tweaked to cater those with bigger areola areas. XL was launched in 2020 with these mothers in mind. We aim to make sure you buy what you need. Breast size comes in all shapes and sizes and these two SILVERETTE® nursing cups will cater for all mummies. The aim is to buy the right dimension suitable for you so you can comfortably prevent, soothe & heal in between the feeds whether it’s breastfeeding or pumping. We recommend the following to provide the right fit and comfort for mothers who using them at the start of their lactation journey.

SILVERETTE® Regular is recommended for:

  • Cup size of either A,B & C with areola about 4.5cm.

SILVERETTE® XL is Recommended for:

  • Areola dimension of more than 4.5cm. The cups will provide more cover, protection and comfort
  • Breast cup above C (D,E,F,G…..)
  • Unsure? XL should be the product they buy

How to clean Silverette cups?

Wash them daily with warm water to remove any milk residues. To keep them shiny, make a paste using baking soda with a small amount of water. Rub the paste on the cups, rinse thoroughly and dry them.

Can Silverette cups be used together with absorbent breast pads?

Yes, they can. If you plan on using absorbent breast pads, place the breast pads over the Silverette cups. Your nursing bra will hold everything in place.

Does the efficacy of Silverette cups diminish over time?

No, the efficacy of Silverette cups remains the same, no matter how long you use them! You can save and use your Silverette cups for each child that you have and breastfeed.

Can Silverette cups be used to prevent sore nipples?

Absolutely! We recommend the use of Silverette as a preventive measure of sore, cracked, nursing nipples. Silver is a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal metal that kills bacteria and infections before they start.

What is 925 silver?

925 silver is pure, solid silver that can be molded. The healing properties of silver are well known. It has been used in wound care for centuries as a natural antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent.

Do Silverette cups contain nickel?

No, Silverette cups are nickel free.

This product has a limited returns policy for both change-of-mind and warranty coverage. We encourage you to contact us to ensure that this product is suitable for your family prior to purchase. For more information on our returns policy, visit our Returns Policy page.