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Mountain Buggy Duet: Independent Customer Product Review

Mountain Buggy Duet: Independent Customer Product Review

Engineered for the mountains and designed for the city, the Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller is a compact, all-terrain side-by-side buggy. Don’t fret when you read that the Duet is a side-by-side buggy because it’s got the same width as a single stroller (read: doorways are no longer your concern)! If you’re big on outdoor adventures and you love strolling in the park with your tots, the Duet’s your best bet.

1. Terrain Versatility

Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller multi-terrain versatility

The Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller makes your daily family stroll at the park practically effortless. Its puncture-proof aerotech wheels and all-wheel suspension guarantee a smooth ride over a variety of terrains. Gravel paths, concrete sidewalks, brick paths, cobbled paths, the Duet has got you all covered. P.S. it’s got a hand operated brake for total control of speed and maneuvering down the slopes!

“The Duet handled a range of different surfaces extremely well including a cobbled street and grass,” says Sybilla Hart from Made For Mums, “The buggy even took gravel in its stride!” Your morning/evening stroll on an uneven boardwalk (the likes of Botanic Gardens, Changi Point) will be as smooth as your trip to your favourite grocery store/cafe. Check out Hart’s full review of the Duet Stroller.

2. Multiple Seat

Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller Multiple Seat Configurations

Offering multiple configurations, the Duet is ultra adaptable. It allows you to configure the buggy according to your family’s needs. The Duet accommodates two infant car seats, cocoons, carrycots, and the standard toddler seats (or any two of the variation), making it a great option for traipsing in the city with twins (ref: image above) or two young tots similar in age. As Zooey Barnett from Little Baby Gear wrote, “Not every double stroller allows to click two infant car seat, so it is a big advantage of Mountain Duet V3 that he has this feature.” Head to Barnett’s review to see more of the different ways you can set up the Duet! Otherwise, you can watch the video from Mountain Buggy below.

3. Your Best Bet In This

Mountain Buggy Duet Stroller 63cm width

The Duet is surprisingly compact and seamless; it handles like a cat on carpet, and it goes over kerbs like a hot knife through butter! As Pushchair Expert have stated, the Duet is “light to push but robust enough to withstand the trials and tribulations of daily life with children”. Not only that, urban parents will be glad to know that the Duet features a nifty one hand compact fold: it collapses into an ultra compact stand fold so that you can easily stash it away into your storage closet or by the hallway when not in use, or when you’re dining out at a restaurant. Plus, with the same width as a single stroller, you won't have to worry about the stroller taking up too much space in small shops or the supermarket lanes in the city.


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