Infant Feeding Cups 30ml, 4pce

Reusable BPA- & DEHP-free baby feeding cup for breastmilk, formula, supplements or medication. Ideal for short-term feeding.
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These baby feeding cups are designed with a special spout for mess-free feeding (no dripping or spilling). It also features engraved graduated markings for easy dosing and tracking of baby’s intake. The cups are BPA- and DEHP-free, ideal as short-term feeding solutions for when babies need medication or supplement, or as short-term alternative feeding method to bottle or spoon feeding.

  • 4 Maymom baby feeding cups; BPA free, DEHP free, can be cleaned in boling water; made of food-contact grade PP
  • Special round bottom design to measure small amount of volume down to 1mL;
  • Special spout design for no dripping or spilling feeding and easy dosing
  • Graduated container for easy tracking of milk intake; Marking is engraved so it does not come off or rub off
  • No risk of confusion
  • For babies requiring medication or supplement
  • For premature babies
  • Babies with sucking disorder such as cleft lip/palate children
  • Alternative feeding method to bottle or spoon feeding

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