Membrane for Spectra & Maymom Backflow Protector, 2pce

Replacement silicone membrane for Maymom backflow protector (both short and long stem) and Spectra S1/S2 backflow protectors. Also suitable for Ameda Mya pumps.
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The breast pump membranes is an essential part of your breast pumps; the pumps will not work without this membrane part. Compatible with Spectra breast pumps (Spectra S2, Spectra S1+ and Spectra 9 plus), Ameda breast pumps (Ameda Mya portable and Ameda Mya Pro), and Motif Luna. Also for use with Maymom backflow protector (long, medium, short stem). 

Please note that the wear and tear of the membrane will affect the suction of the breast pump. 

Warning: not recommended to sterilise due to its rubber material. 

  • One of the parts in the backflow protector
  • Not recommended to sterilize due to its rubber material.
  • Will affect suction of the breastpump with wear and tear.
  • Please note that breast pumps will not work without this part
  • Work with the backflow protector of Spectra S2, Spectra S1, Spectra 9 Plus
  • Also compatible with Ameda Mya portable, Ameda Mya Pro pump, Motif Luna
  • Use with Maymom backflow protector (long, medium, short stem)
  • Sturdier material for better performance
  • FDA and EU compliance for food contacts
  • Change the silicone diaphragms regularly to optimize the performance of your breast pump
  • Stronger material for improved performance
  • It does not fit the old version of spectra backflow protector; see photo for details.

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