Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest

Ergonomic cocoon to accompany newborns during their first few months; it helps them transit gently from the womb to the outside world. Suitable from 2.8 kg.
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The Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest replicates the womb environment, creating safe space for bub to soothe and rest. Suitable from 2.8kg, the cocoon helps reposition bub in an elongated semi-foetal position to keep them comfortable during their first few months.

Note: For use in a baby cot (making sure the base is in the lowest position and that the depth above the cot mattress is superior to 50cm or on the ground, on carpet, or in a playpen. Do not use this product in a Moses basket, a rocking cradle, or in a stroller carrycot.

  • Suitable from 2.8kg until baby starts trying to roll over or change position in the nest (approx 3 months)
  • Improves quality and length of time of your baby's sleep and contentment
  • Minimizes risk of flat head syndrome
  • Limits gastric reflux
  • Reduces involuntary jerky movements which wake babies with a start and make them cry

Nest weight: 1 kg

Nest dimensions: L 69 x W 40 x H 19 cm

Here's a short video guide from the manufacturer for the Red Castle Cocoonababy Nest:

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