Stokke® Flexi Bath® Newborn Support

Optional Flexi Bath newborn support provides additional ergonomic comfort for newborn babies. Fits inside Flexi Bath. Suitable from 0-8 months, max 8kg.
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The optional Stokke® Flexi Bath® Newborn Support provides additional comfort for newborn babies. Compatible with Stokke® Flexi Bath® Tub, Stokke® Flexi Bath® X-Large and Stokke® Flexi Bath® Bundle.

  • Fits inside Flexi Bath foldable bath tub
  • Designed to fit your baby's natural body shape
  • Ergonomic support for your newborn in the bath time
  • Suitable for newborn and babies up to 8 months
  • Mimicking the support of a steady arm
  • Use from 0 – 8 months / max weight 8 kg/17.6 lb
  • Product Size (cm/in): 46 x 23 x 13 / 18.1 x 9.1 x 5.1
  • Weight (kg/lbs): 0.29 / 0.6

This product has a limited returns policy for both change-of-mind and warranty coverage. We encourage you to contact us to ensure that this product is suitable for your family prior to purchase. For more information on our returns policy, visit our Returns Policy page. 

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