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Stokke YOYO²: Independent Customer Product Reviews

Stokke YOYO²: Independent Customer Product Reviews

It’s really no surprise that the Stokke YOYO² is one of the most popular buggy in Singapore, where strollers need to convenient enough for taxis and public transportation, and durable for off-road terrains. Thanks to its lightweight and narrow chassis, the YOYO² takes the stress out of everyday commute and travelling. We've collated some product reviews just for you, so read further to get all the details about the YOYO²!

1. Integrated All-Wheel Suspension

Lightweight yet robust, the Stokke YOYO² turns on a dime, allowing you to maneuver through tight city spaces easily. Additionally, the YOYO² handles like a cat on carpet on most terrains thanks to its four-wheel suspension system, offering a smooth stroll for both you and your child. You can now take bub for strolls at your neighbourhood parks or Botanic Garden with ease! Click on the video below for a closer look at the suspension.

P.S. You can also attach the YOYO board to the back of your stroller for your older child to stand or sit on when their little legs are tired from walking.

2. Convenience On The Go

Set off on your adventures, no holds barred, just the way you want to with the YOYO². Lightweight, narrow and compact when folded, it easily fits into overhead luggage compartments. The YOYO² is also fitted with a carrying strap for hands-free transportation and a large underseat basket to store all of your essentials. But the cherry on the cake is its hassle-free folding and unfolding: simply fold it before entering a plane or a crowded train/bus and unfold it single-handedly when you arrive at your destination. For more innovative features of the YOYO², watch the video by Baby Village below. 

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3. Long-lasting

Designed for longevity of use, the YOYO² accommodates your child from birth up to toddlerhood (22kg!). Simply attach the 0+ newborn pack to use it from day one and swap it to the 6+ fabric when your child is ready to travel road-facing. The YOYO² is also future-proof with the Stokke YOYO Connect Frame. Thanks to this accessory you can convert the YOYO² stroller into a double stroller - simply hook the YOYO Connect onto the back of your stroller and you're ready to roll with two young tots. The YOYO Connect accommodates the toddler seat, bassinet and car seats. It offers up to five different configurations to take your kids from birth to toddler.

The YOYO² is also compatible with car seats from leading brands so you can easily put together a travel system, convenient for transporting your baby from car to stroller and back again without disturbing your baby's rest. Want a closer look at how you can click your car seat on its chassis and how the newborn pack/6+ fabric looks like? Click on the video below to find out. 


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