Lazy Breast Shield (Flange) Kit, 2 pce

Breast shield/flange kit for laid back pumping. Ergonomic option for Cesarean mothers. Compatible with leading brand pumps & bottles.
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Pump comfortably with the Lazy Breast Shield (Flange) Kit that allows you to lean back to pump. It’s a closed system, so milk will not enter your electric pump. No more sitting upright and pumping, which are common causes of back pains (due to incorrect posture etc.). This kit helps to ease back pains and is also an ergonomic choice for mothers who had c-section delivery. 

Compatible with leading brand breast pumps like Spectra, Avent, Ameda, Bellababy, and many more and baby bottles from Avent and Spectra. Not compatible with Medela Pump in Style (Pre-2021 models) and Spectra Dew 350. All parts are BPA-free. 

Note: The Lazy Breast Shield Kit is not for moms with nipple diameter 24mm and above after pumping, with underproduction of breast milk, and with clogged milk duct. 


2 x Flange

2 x Valve

2 x Duckbill

2 x Tube

2 x Shield Pad

2 x Backflow Protector Case

No bottle or electric pump included. 

  • Includes: Flange, valve, duckbill, tube, shield pad, backflow protector case, 2pc each. NO bottle or electric pump included (use your own bottles and electric pump).
  • You can lean back to pump. No more sitting upright pumping that leads to back pains. Ergonomic choice for mothers c-section delivery.
  • Compatible with spectra pumps, compatible with Avent, Bellababy pumps, motif luna and many more pumps on the market. Compatible with Avent bottles, spectra bottles. NOTE: the following pumps are not compatible: Medela Pump in style (made prior to 2021), spectra dew 350.
  • This is a closed system. The milk will not enter your electric pump. All parts are made without BPA.

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